Most beautiful island in the world

Santorini has been voted time and again as the most beautiful island in the world. Readers of high esteemed travel related magazines such as “Travel and Leisure”, “Conde Nast Traveller”, “Global Traveller” and “VIE Magazine” voted Santorini as the best and most beautiful island destination in Europe and worldwide.
The beauty and the glory of Santorini is praised every year by its visitors, Oia’s sunset has been claimed to be the most breathtaking in the world and the view from Imerovigli is simply stunning. The island is on the international spotlight for many years for plenty of good reasons. 

The volcanic scenery, the Caldera phenomenon,  the Oia’s best sunset in the world, the cool vibes all over the island, the premium gastronomy are only a few of them. Santorini is also considered to be the most romantic destination in Greece. Loved couples flock every year to the volcanic island seeking to enjoy embraced in a balcony of Caldera the famous sunset at all of Santorini. Indeed, in recent years the island has established itself as a destination that  couples choose in order to realize their dream wedding ceremony or an amazing honeymoon trip. Last but not least, the distinct Cycladic architecture with the whitewashed houses, the narrow paths and the cute little chapels with their blue domes is Santorini’s hallmark constituting the island one of the most photographed destinations in the world. Whether you are convinced that Santorini is the most beautiful island in the world or not, probably you agree that it is one of the most must-visit destinations and it is definitely worth a spot in your travel to-do list. All in all, Santorini is a magical island and is sure to offer you splendid lifetime experiences, special sensations and some of your most liked instagram captures.