Santorini Wine Tours

Santorini wine tours are one of the top-rated experiences offered on Santorini island and an absolute must-do when you are visiting.

Evidence for production of wine on Santorini dates back to the volcanic eruption of around 1653BC which buried the prehistoric city of Akrotiri. 

Discover the Wine Roads of Santorini

Discover the most legendary wineries and traditional cellars of Santorini in a unique wine-tasting journey that showcases the best wines that the island produces through an interactive tour. The combination of the dramatic scenery and the volcanic viticulture results in extraordinary crisp white wines and outstanding dessert wines and all Santorinian wineries are exceptional, each one with its own distinctive character and a unique look and feel. Some wineries feature Cycladic design with impressive arch-like structures, others offer breathtaking caldera views and are perfect for sunset hoppers, while the most traditional ones stretch deep into the earth and keep the authentic style of the ”Canava”, the caves that Santorinians used to built in order to house their wineries underground and were mainly made out of volcanic stones. Another significant attraction that is not to be missed is a visit to some of the few Museum Wineries that blend art and wine in the underground cool environment of centuries old canavas in order to admire the art behind a glass of Assyrtiko, Nykteri or Vinsanto, the stunning wine varieties that Thira produces since antiquity.

We are eager to propose you to combine your stay at Anaktos Cave Houses with top Santorini wine tours that will upscale your entire Santorinian experience. Depending on the time you have available, we will develop an itinerary tailored specifically for you and your wishes. From underearth wine tasting sessions, to caldera sunset view wine moments, the wow factors are numerous and the total experience will be unforgettable.

Sip your way around Santorini on a custom day with a private guide, visiting renowned wineries and tasting their award-winning volcanic wines.